Amy Grant Concert - Dr. Charles Stanley

What a great weekend!   On Saturday night, I went to the Amy Grant concert in Ocean Grove, at The Great Auditorium.  Sara Groves performed first, and her ministry was wonderful and meaningful.   I have been following Amy Grant for many years, and she has been a big influence on my music.   I love Amy's songs, for her honesty and sincerity in her writing.   Dr. Charles Stanley gave a great message at the Worship Service in the Great Auditorium yesterday.   He talked about being in "bondage" to the many things in life, that pull us away from God.   Jealousy, resentments, anger, greed, and fear, are just some of the examples of "bondage".   We've heard this before -- to "let go"-- but it's a message I know I need to hear time and time again.   Hanging on to all those fears and resentments, is debilitating to our faith.   Ocean Grove was founded 121 years ago, by the United Methodist Church, and continues to offer the community Christian values, programs, and worship services.   Ocean Grove is located in New Jersey, next to Asbury Park.

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