Fourth of July! Happy Birthday, America!

It was a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!   Between the Bar-b-ques, swimming, and spending time with family and friends, it was a time to reflect on our nation's history.   On June 25th, I had given my God & Country concert, to honor our country and our military.   All the music set the tone for the Fourth of July holiday, coming up a week later.   I have been giving my God & Country concert since 1995  --- first in Ocean Grove, NJ, than moving it to King of Kings Lutheran Church, in Middletown, NJ.   Each year, I am reminded more and more, of how blessed we are, to live in this great nation, under God.   When I sing Sandi Patty's arrangement of "The Star Spangled Banner", I love the words that were added by Claire Clonninger:   "And still we can the years have gone by...there's a dream in our land, like a flame that keeps burning...And the lantern of hope, from the harbor still shines...those who seek freedom's dream, to its light, are still turning...So we look to the skies, and we lift up our eyes...for we know through the dawn, we will see our flag rise!...  May our eyes always see our flag rise, as we lift our prayers and concerns to our Lord, each and every day...

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