From Tragedy to Life

Out of the horror and tragedy of the Arizona Shootings, are miracles and signs of hope.    Congresswoman "Gabby", opens her eyes, moves her legs, and is taken off the critical list.  A miracle right before our eyes!   A little girl's life was saved in New England, by Christina Green's parents, who donated Christina's organs to the girl, struggling to survive.    They can't wait to meet this little girl, who will live, because of this gift of life.  Christina was the 9 year old girl, who was killed in the shooting.   Not only have we seen miracles come out of this tragedy- - we have also seen how a 13 year old boy in Australia, sacrificed his own life, to save his mother and his brother.    Unfortunately, his mother was swept away by the currnet, along with the boy.  But his brother did survive.   

God is always with us, no matter what happens in life.   He will turn our darkest hours, into miracles.   He will give us signs of hope, even in desperate times.    There is more to life, than what we see.    God knows the Eternal plan.   I know my faith is always shaken in difficult times.   Yet, I see that God has not abandoned us.   He is with us, now, and forever.  

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