God & Country Concert

Tomorrow night, June 24th, 2011, I will be giving my annual "God & Country" Concert, at King of Kings Lutheran Church, in Middletown, NJ.   We always schedule the concert a week before the 4th of July, to set the tone for Independence Day.    We honor our God, our country, and our armed forces.   One of my 1st graders in the Children's Choir, said it best:  "God, the flag, the Cross".   Each year, the community grows closer together, as more and more people take an interest in attending a concert like this.  

I began giving these patriotic concerts in Ocean Grove, in 1997.   After 11 years, the schedule was changed, and I decided to bring "God & Country" to my home church.   I also wanted to make it a benefit concert for The Emmanuel Cancer Foundation.  This organization helps children with cancer, and their families.    It's what our country is all about  - -honoring God, our military, and helping others.   We also include a Power Point presentation, called "Loved Ones in Uniform".   People are welcome to submit photos of their loved ones in uniform for the presentation.   I wrote a special song, to honor them, called:  "Thank You".     If you live in the Middletown area, please come to the concert.  We'd love to see you there!   Nancy

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