Good Friday, 2012

It's Good Friday...usually it's a cloudy, chilly day...  but today, it was beautiful, with sunshine all day.    Yet I couldnt get my mind off the darkness that covered the earth, when Jesus said, "It is finished", and He died.   After a cruel death and unimaginable suffering, my heart is heavy, as I think about the sacrifice of our Lord.   I sang at church tonight, as I do every year - - - tonight, the words, "may this not be in vain", made more of an impression on me, than ever before.   I wanted the world to stop - - everyone, everywhere, everything -- just stop -- and give our time, our hearts, and our lives, to Christ.   For all He has done for us - - can we give Him one day, without interruption, and remember His death?     I love you, Jesus... I'm sorry for also being distracted at times, today, when I should have been thinking, and focusing, on You.   Easter is coming...  and then we celebrate the Resurrection!

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