Leading Music Ministry at St. George's by the River Episcopal Church, Rumson, NJ

Yesterday, I led the music ministry at St. George's by the River Episcopal Church, in Rumson, NJ.   The constant rain outside did not effect the enthusiasm and love for worship, inside the church.   I decided to sing the Prelude, instead of an instrumental.   I sang " I Know That My Redeemer Liveth", from "The Messiah."  I also sang, "Psalm 23", from my Covenant Love CD.  Than I introduced Praise songs to the congregation.   They enjoyed "Feed Us Now", "Give Thanks", "Because He Lives", and "Celebrate Jesus".   It was really neat, how the priest based his sermon on "Because He Lives".  He thanked me for suggesting the hymn, and was glad it brought back memories of how his faith journey began, in his youth. It's so exciting to see main line churches embrace Contemporary Christian music.  It was a blessing to worship with the congregation at St. George's by the River.   The church's peaceful, picturesque location by the Shrewsbury River, was also inspiring and refreshing.    It was a great morning of praise!!

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