Haiti Song

We've all been effected by the tragedy in Haiti.  Last month, I was away in Florida for a bike marathon.  After riding 100 miles, I was exhausted, went back to my hotel room, and wanted nothing more, than to sleep!   I turned on the TV, and the news was on, about Haiti.  At home, I was following the news reports, but while I was away, I could focus even more, on the events of the day.   I think what touched me the most, was the connection with a news reporter -- he was showing the devastation, and suddenly, his voice cracked, and he couldn't go on.   I will never forget the images of those people suffering, as the reporter showed the horrid scenes.  When I returned home, I was working on a concert for King of Kings School, our church's Christian School.   I needed new songs for the children, so I decided to write a song for Haiti.  Would these 3, 4 and 5 year olds understand?   They may not have understood every detail, but they did feel compassion toward the people of Haiti.  They understood that when people are hungry- - they need food; when they are thirsty -- they need water; when they lose their home...they need shelter.  It's so simple for adults - -- yet, hearing it from these children, brought a new and fresh significance to the situation.   How fragile life is -- and what hope we have in Christ, when we learn to trust Him!  

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