I went to a wake tonight, for Paul Seitz, 51 years old, who died of cancer.   Paul and his family used to live in my neighborhood, when we were kids.  All these years have gone by, since the Seitz family moved.  When I heard Paul had died, I couldn't remember what he looked like.  But when I arrived at the funeral home, and saw the display of pictures, I remembered Paul, right away.  I often wondered what had become of the kids I grew up with.

After reading his extensive obituary, I learned that Paul had been a law enforcement officer.  He solved many high profile cases, involving drug dealers, serial killers, and many other dangerous situations.   My Mom said, "He did a lot in his 51 years".   I found out today, who Paul had become:   A hero!

2 Corinthians  1: 5 - "For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows."  In The Quest Study Bible, we read:   "Our suffering is, in fact, a link to Jesus Christ.  Because Jesus lives within us, He shares the pains, the sorrows, and frustrations we feel."   In joining us in our suffering, He offers us His comfort.   We will never have to go through tough times alone.  He is always with us.    Thank you for visiting my blog page!

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