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I wanted to thank Joan Doyle, for taking care of my former web site, over the years.  Her inspiration and guidance has been an asset to my music ministry, and I will always be grateful for her service.   This new web site, as you can see, is not completed yet!  But I hope to finish it as soon as possible, and keep you updated.

This past weekend, I gave two concerts at the Veterans Hospital in Lyons, NJ.   I am always amazed at the cheerfulness of these vets.  After all they have been through, the pain and suffering they have seen, and dealing with their own injuries and illnesses, they are still the most cheerful group of people, I have ever seen!   I think I get more out of it, than they do!   The jokes, the smiles, never stop.   One of the volunteers was asking one vet, John, about his experiences in WW II.  He was so modest about his service, and kept smiling, and interrrupting with jokes and laughter.   I can't imagine what he saw in the war, but sitting there today, in that wheelchair, I saw a man with honor, integrity, and bravery.   The vets belted out Amazing Grace, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, and than listened to my solos, too - - Ave Maria, God Bless the USA, and for St. Patrick's Day, songs like, Danny Boy.   What an honor it is , to sing for our veterans!  

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