Sunburst at Help Is On the Way

This past Sunday, my choir and Ecumenical singers, presented "Help Is On the Way", at King of Kings Lutheran Church.  "Today Is the Day", "Help Is On the Way", " Lord, I Run To You" - and many other songs, focused on hope and encouragment.  While we were singing the theme song, "Help Is On the Way", suddenly, there was a bright blast of sunshine, that appeared through the window above me.   It was a poignant moment; it was as if God was smiling down on us, and telling us, "Yes, I am here!  Help is on the way - have faith!!"   It's not easy to feel hope, when so many clouds surround us.   But I wanted to share with you how it felt, to see that blast of light, coming out of the clouds, with a message of hope.   May we all feel in our hearts that "sunburst", during dark and uncertain times...Nancy 

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