Women's Ministry, "Faith & Light" Worship Service

Last week, at Emmanuel Community Church in Bayville, NJ, the women's ministry had their annual Spring Brunch.  They asked me to speak and sing about "grace".  I focused a lot on the story behind "Amazing Grace", and how John Newton wrote the words.    John was a slave trader, in the 1700's.    After almost losing his life at sea on one of the slave ships, he turned his life over to Christ, and accepted God's "amazing grace".   What a powerful story of faith!    One woman spoke about her battle with breast cancer, yet, that experience made her faith in God stronger.   She said, as crazy as it sounded, it was a blessing to have had the cancer.  It made her faith stronger.    I am alway inspired when people share their faith.  We continued with Contemporary Christian songs, than I sang "How Great Thou Art", Sandy Patti's arrangement.    It is the most beautiful arrangement of that classic hymn I have ever heard.   I get tears in my eyes, every time I sing it.  

That night, I led the music at the "Faith & Light" worship service, for adults with developmental disabilities.   We rocked!!   It was such an inspiring service!!  We will definitely need the band the next time we go!   One woman, played the piano beautifully - she put her whole heart and soul into it.   People with disabilities have so much to offer - and here was a worship service that did just that.  It gave everyone an opportunity to share their gifts.   We were all blessed!  

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