Welcome to Nancy Scharff's web site.    Nancy uses her musical gifts for the glory of God, through her voice, guitar, piano, songwriting, as worship leader, and conductor.   Her music ministry spans the US and abroad.    Thank you for visiting!

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Upcoming Events- 2016

Welcome to my web page!

My band and I had a great turn out at Atco Presbyterian Church, Atco, NJ, for their Friday night Solid Grounds Christian Coffeehouse, this past month.   Special thanks to Karen & Jeff Erbig for all their support!  

On Friday, August 12, 2016, at 7:00 PM, King of Kings Lutheran Church, 250 Harmony Road, Middletown, N.J.  will be hosting our Christian Rock Night.  The concert is free and open to the public.  Please join us for a night of music and worship!   Hear local Christian bands!
Christian rock night

Order Nancy's Christmas CD!!





Christmas-Hold the Baby in Your Heart

by Nancy Scharff

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  1. 1 One Night 03:39
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  2. 2 The Prayer 04:47
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  3. 3 The Light of the World is Jesus 04:35
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  4. 4 Emmanuel 04:02
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  5. 5 Welcome to Our World 03:01
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  6. 6 Ave Maria 05:21
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  7. 7 O Holy Night 04:41
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  8. 8 The Lord's Prayer 03:30
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  9. 9 Light of the Stable 04:01
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  10. 10 Hold the Baby in Your Heart 05:37
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  11. 11 Sweet Little Jesus Boy 02:48
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  12. 12 Joy to the World 02:21
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  13. 13 All is Well 04:33
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  14. 14 Carol Medley 07:32
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  15. 15 Hold On to Jesus 05:34
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  16. 16 Silent Night 03:22
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Thank you King of Kings Choir and The Ecumenical Choir for being a part of this special Christmas CD!
Choir shore fire 2015

King of Kings Choir, Ecumenical Choir, and Dave Bechtel, producer.

Shore fire sarah

Michigan- 2015

Thank you, Pastor Neigh, Tina Van Dette, and the congregation of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Ossineke, Michigan, for inviting me to share my music ministry with your church and community!   Thank you for your kindness and hospitality.   Your worship service was beautiful, and I enjoyed giving my concert in the afternoon.   I look forward to returning to Michigan in the future.  Have a blessed fall season!      
September airport 2015 036
September 2015 013
September 2015 012
September 2015 021
September 2015 011
September 2015 003
September 2015 015
September 2015 019
September 2015 022
September 2015 027
September 2015 004
Michiganflyer jpeg 2015

Looking forward to sharing my music ministry at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church!

God & Country - 2015

God country flyer scan
Hello, Choral Singers!

Thank you for a great concert at our God & Country Concert!  We raised $1,040.00 for The Emmanuel Cancer Foundation!   The response was wonderful, as we honored our country and our veterans.

Christmas CD Project- 2015

I am currently recording a Christmas CD with producer Dave Bechtel, in Nashville. Dave will be coming up to NJ to record our Ecumenical Choir on a few of the songs in July of this year, 2015. The release of the CD is planned for December of 2015. I will be sending out E mails, and posting on my web site and Facebook, as the plans are finalized. Most of you already know the Christmas music. I hope you will join us and be a part of this special and exciting Christmas recording project. The live orchestra and musicians who will be recording on my CD in Nashville, are famous. They have recorded with Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Carrie Underwood, Vince Gill, Martina McBride, and many others. As with all of our music, it is for the glory of God!
Original casting crowns group edit two

Nancy & Ellen performed onstage with Casting Crowns. Carnegie Hall Concert, January, 2015.

January 2013 023

Nancy performed onstage with Michael W. Smith. Carnegie Hall Concert, January, 2013.

Port Isabel, Texas-2015

Special thanks to Fishers of Men Lutheran Church, for the opportunity to share my music ministry with your church, the Youth Mission, and nursing home.   I enjoyed writing the song, "You Should Not Have Any Other Gods" with your Confirmation class, based on the Ten Commandments.   I aslo enjoyed singing at the nursing home.  Thank you for making the two performances possible!   Music touches their hearts and souls, and brings back so many memories for the residents.   The youth service Saturday night was awesome!  On Sunday, your church family made me feel right at home, at both worship services.   It was a joy to give my concert for your church members and community.   I look forward to returning to your church in the future!  God bless!

Dedication To My Dad, Fred Scharff

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Creative Contemporary Worship Service, Nov. 16, 2014

Another uplifting worship service at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Berkeley Heights this morning!   Thank you Pastor Diane, and Nick Micchelli, Music Director, for the opportunity to share my music ministry with your church and community.   Thank you, King of Kings Praise Team and Praise Band, for joining me!   The entire service set the tone for Thanksgiving coming up, next week.  May we open our hearts to the Lord, and give thanks for all He has done for us.   
Nov 2014 9
Nov 2014 10

Nancy's 2 New CD's!!!

Cd1 3type
Cd2 2type

COME & WORSHIP is a collection of Nancy's worship songs, all written by Nancy, (except Let Your Heart Be Broken, lyrics by Bryan Jeffery Leech, music by Nancy).   Nancy worked with arranger Jimmy Mac, Ventura, CA, and Recording Engineer, Joe Demaio, Shore - Fire Recording Studio, NJ, to bring you an uplifting and inspiring experience. Nancy's band included N.J. Shore musicians Bob Marriner, bass, and Bobby Boyd, drums, with Nancy on vocals, guitar, and piano.  
These songs come from her experiences as a worship leader and songwriter. Each song reflects Nancy's love for worship, and her faith in God. Her strong vocals and memorable melodies encourage everyone to sing along. Song titles include Come, Come, & Worship, Divine Union, We Belong to the Lord, Nothing Can Separate Us, I Am the Bread of Life, and If You Love Me. Nancy says,"This project comes from those "moments" in worship, when we feel God's presence, and Christ comes to us through the Word, songs, and communion with Him. No matter what we are going through in life, music helps us to grow closer to Him. I pray that you will experience what I have experienced in worship, through these songs... "

COVER ME, LORD is a collection of Nancy's Contemporary Christian songs and a more personal journey of faith. All songs were written by Nancy, and reflect her life experiences with friends and family...of loss, encouragement, and hope. Her vocals are powerful, yet soothing. Her style is Contemporary Christian, with an orchestral sound on several songs, such as The Lord's Prayer (Music written by Nancy), and the title song, Cover Me, Lord. Other song titles include You Are My Mother, A Father Who Loves, There Are No Words, Lover of Love, I Gotta Be Good, Bridge of Flowers, Life On Wings, and Follow Him. Nancy began recording her vocal and guitar tracks with Joe Demaio, at Shore - Fire Recording Studio, NJ. Her project was completed in Nashville, TN, under the direction of producer, Dave Bechtel. The band in Nashville, who played on Nancy's CD, included musicians who record and perform with artists, such as, Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith. Dave also used musicians from Nashville, who played in the orchestra. Nancy says, "This project reflects the love I have for my Mom and Dad, as well as offering hope and comfort to friends who have lost loved ones. The CD was completed right before my Mom passed away, and I was thankful that she was able to hear her song, You Are My Mother, one last time, on Mother's Day. After my Mom's funeral, I released a video dedicated to our life together, using her song. Cover Me, Lord, There Are No Words, and Bridge of Flowers, were written for friends who were going through difficult times, or were mourning the loss of loved ones. God gives us the gift of music to lift us up, when we feel we are at our lowest. I pray this CD will fill your life with hope, renewed faith, and joy...

BUY THE CD'S NOW!: ($10.00 EACH) (FREE SHIPPING!!) Go to the "STORE" page on Nancy's web site. Order the CD using PAYPAL. You can either order the CD, or Download. www.nancyscharff.com/store.cfm OR Send a check for $10.00 for one CD, or $20.00 for both CD's.

Please make the check out to: "Nancy Scharff Ministries".
Send your check to: Nancy Scharff Ministries P.O. Box 4052 Middletown, NJ 07748

Nancy is available for house parties, concerts, worship services, youth events, women’s ministries, contemporary worship conferences, festivals, and other church and social functions.

Artist contact:
Nancy Scharff Ministries
P.O. Box 4052,
Middletown, NJ 07748

Cd1 5
Cd1 2
Cd1 7

Cayman Island Tour- 2013

 Hello, Friends!  

My tour in Grand Cayman was wonderful and inspiring!!   Sharing my music ministry with the Savannah United Church, was a blessing!   Their service was beautiful and uplifting.   I sang my rendition of The Lord's Prayer and Life on Wings, from my Cover Me Lord, CD, as well as If You Love Me, from Come & Worship, and Send Me, from Covenant Love.   How Great Thou Art is always a favorite, and I sang Sandy Patti's arrangement, which I love.  The pastor's sermon focused on building up God's Kingdom here on earth.   We strive to work for the glory of God, in our daily walk with Him.   I could feel God's presence, and felt the love of the people in the congregation, as they worshipped.  It was also Youth Sunday, and the young people did a great job leading the service.

My schedule continued at The Pines Assisted Living facility, in George Town, Grand Cayman.   The people responded with smiles and hugs.  It was a joy to share God's Word with them, through music.  People who were asleep when I arrived, woke up and participated, as they heard familiar hymns and songs.  It is amazing to see the healing power of music with people who have dementia, Alzheimer's, and other elderly illnesses.

On Wednesday, October 23rd, I led the worship service at Elmslie United Church, located across from the port, where the cruise ships dock.   Special thanks to Pastor Dave, who resumed this mid-week service, for those who were traveling.  I also met local worshippers, as they shared their faith with me.   I met a young woman who told me about her mother's passing, as I shared my own grief in losing my Mom, this past summer.   Even in another part of the world, we shared common struggles and pain.  The Lord lifted us up, and helped us, as we listened and supported one another. 

I am thankful to God for this ministry opportunity!

Eleanor Scharff- June 13, 1923-August 4, 2013.

Mommy testa house

My precious Mom, went home to be with the Lord on August 4, 2013. She was born on June 13, 1923. I miss you Mom, and I know we will see each other again. God blessed me with a beautiful, loving mother.

Nashville Trip - 2013

My trip to Nashville was awesome!  working with producer, Dave Bechtel, was a great experience, and enhanced my project, entitled, "Cover Me, Lord".   The Nashville musicians who played on this project, include, Blair Masters, Keys,youtu.be/22lXuJUwzTg , Mike Payne, Guitars,www.mikepayneguitar.com/ Steve Brewster, Drums,brewbeat.wix.com/brewbeat and Matt Pierson, Drums.    (Matt played bass on Michael W. Smith's CD, Freedom).  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_(Michael_W._Smith_album)

Thumb nashville skyline 104 8566

Carnegie Hall - An Awesome Experience!

Hello, friends!  

The concert at Carnegie Hall was awesome, with Michael W. Smith!   You could feel God's presence, amidst the sold out crowd.  Bringing the Gospel to New York City, through our music, was inspiring.   We can carry this "mountain top" experience into our daily lives, remembering the glorious music, the fellowship, and sharing the love of Christ, together.

Carnegie Hall Concert With Michael W. Smith

January 2013 029
January 2013 030
January 2013 005
January 2013 037
January 2013 024
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Booking Churches & Events- 2015-2016

If you would like Nancy to share her music ministry with your church, or for an event, please contact Nancy on her "Contact" page:  www.nancyscharff.com/contact.cfm

Nancy is available to give concerts, lead worship services, present programs for women's ministries and youth, and organize and lead workshops and conferences on Contemporary Worship.

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