1. Eat This Bread

From the recording Come & Worship - Download

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Eat This Bread
Matthew 26: 26

Eat this bread, it is the body of the Lord,
Your soul will be fed,
And your life will be restored, restored,
He is the Lord.
Drink this wine, it is the precious blood of the Lord.
He suffered and died,
Upon the Cross His blood outpoured, outpoured,
He is the Lord.
What kind of love is this?
How can we comprehend?
How Jesus died for our sins,
How He suffered to the end.
Eat of this feast,
The feast of Everlasting life,
Come meet Jesus here,
Remembering His sacrifice,
His sacrifice, He is the Lord.

He is the Lord,
Jesus is Lord.

© 2003, Words & Music by Nancy Scharff (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved