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I Gotta Be Good For Him

I know I've been doin' wrong,
Not living His way,
He reads me like an open book,
A book of lies and schemes
Instead of hopes and dreams.

He knows my story,
He sees me fall,
How much longer can I go on,
I need to turn back,
I need to get on track.

I gotta be good, good for Him,
I gotta be good, good, for Jesus,
I gotta be good, good for Him,
'Cause His love's the only thing that matters,
That matters at all.

Sometimes I am like a child,
My eyes open wide.
With wonder I take life in,
But I don’t' see the signs,
Of trouble I'll find.

And then I realize,
I'm caught in a storm,
The rain's pouring down on me,
I need to find dry land,
I need to reach for His Hand.

Repeat Chorus

Break the chains that bind me,
I know You will find me,
Reaching for You,
I long for release,
To feel Your peace,
I want to know Your Truth...
I want to know Your Truth...

Repeat Chorus

That matters at all,
That matters at all.
That matters at all...

©2002, Words & Music by Nancy Scharff (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved