1. Cover Me, Lord

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Cover Me, Lord

Cover me, Lord,
And protect me,
Shield me from the dangers that I face.
Cover me, Lord,
Be my shelter,
That in those troubled times I'll know your grace.

O Lord, I'm crying,
The tears fall like rain,
The storms surround me,
Help me through the pain.

Repeat Chorus

O Lord, I've carried
This burden so long,
It tries to harm me,
Keep me safe,
Keep me strong.

Repeat Chorus
I'm tossed about
In a raging sea,
I cry for help,
You're there, O Lord,
To save me!

Repeat Chorus

If you cover me, Lord,
Cover me, Lord,
Cover me, Lord!

©2004, Words & Music by Nancy Scharff (ASCAP), All Rights Reserved

©1998, Words & Music by Nancy Scharff