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Bridge of Flowers

Father, Oh, Father, I miss you,
I've cried enough tears to fill an ocean.
Today was the day we said good-bye to you,
A family filled with grief and emotion.

And inside the room where you lay,
I smell the sweet fragrance of bouquets.
Surrounding you with colors of the rainbow,
As if they were trying to say…

That now you've crossed the Bridge of Flowers,
Into the Heavenly Garden of the Lord.
Across the waters of this earthly life,
Into the Eternal Garden, forevermore.

Father, Oh, Father, I love you.
I know I said it while you were still here.
You'll always live within me, inside my heart,
The memories of a man so strong, so dear.

And in the sacred room, the organ plays,
I see the wreaths and more bouquets.
Filling the room with such sweetness,
As if they were trying to say…

Repeat Chorus,
Repeat Chorus again, in F Major

© 1998, 2013, Words & Music by Nancy Scharff