Little Rock & Cherokee Village, Arkansas

My trip to Arkansas is going well!  The weather has been hot and sunny - - in the 90's every day!   I don't mind continuing with summer weather-- it was time to bring out the shorts and flip-flops once again!   When I watched the sunrise from my window this morning, I took a picture of the sun.  It was in the shape of a star, and reminded me of the Star of Bethlehem.  It was very meaningful!    I love it when there are signs of God's presence in our lives, when we least expect it.   I wasn't expecting to see the "star"-- it was so symbolic.   I had a great time visiting with Lynn Eubanks.  She treated me to lunch at the "Purple Cow" in Little Rock.  Afterwards, she gave me a tour of her church, Fellowship Bible Church.   What a ministry!  They built a new campus a few years ago.   They have grown to 6,000 members.  It's not the numbers that is inspiring, as much as it is their commitment to Christ.   There is a beautiful, large Cross in the center of the church -- symbolizing that Christ is the center of our lives.  That said it all to me!   Today, I drove 3 hours to Cherokee Village.  It is absolutely stunning here!   It is Nature's paradise-- -rolling hills, lakes, streams, water falls, as well as, peace and serenity.   Tomorrow night is my concert at Peace Lutheran Church.  They are celebrating their 40th anniversary.   I'm looking forward to sharing this special event with the Cherokee Village community!

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