Parable Christian Book Store - Featured Artist Event

I had a great experience last night, as the artist for the "Featured Artist Event", held at the Parable Christian Book Store, in Toms River, NJ.  Don, the owner, is doing a fantastic job, reaching out to the community.  He wants people to feel welcome to come into his store, and enjoy the Christian CD's, books, and other items, he has available for purchase.  But more than that, he is doing a ministry.   I could see how well he connected with people, when they stayed for the concert, and he knew most of them by name.   I enjoyed giving the concert, and meeting everyone who came.   In remembrance of 9/11, I sang "Nothing Can Separate Us", a song I wrote, right after the tragedy.    I also sang, "There Are No Words", in memory of Phillip Frank, who died in Iraq.  He wanted to service his country in the marines, after the 9/11 attack.    We also sang Praise & Worship songs last night --- it was a night of song, praise, reflection, and prayer.   

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