The Holocaust Remembrance Day

Yesterday, April 11th, was The Holocaust Remembrance Day.  I watched the movie, "Anne Frank", last night, and was reminded of the horrible atrocities. Our prayers continue to go out to the survivors, and their loved ones-- lost-- but not forgotten. Here is a YouTube about the woman, Miep Gies, who died recently, at age 100, who helped the Frank's hide from the Nazi's.  The video also reviews the events leading up to Anne Frank's death, and about her diary.  I have been to Holland, and walked through the Annex, where the Frank's and their friends, hid.   I will never forget it.  There was a long line tourists, waiting to enter the Annex.  Noone said a word - -you could hear a pin drop.   Over one million and a half children died during the Holocaust.    There were many brave people, like Miep Gies, who risked their lives to save the Jews.  A Good Samaritan, doing an unimaginable task.  

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